If you want leaders to be better coaches and break barriers in teams to reduce stress and increase productivity, please do not forget to contact me !

Preetha Balakrishnan

Director - AlignYourBrain

In my current role, I feel highly driven to make meaningful impact in the lives of leaders, women professionals, faculty of educational institutions, entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their “Visions”.

My Vision
To help leaders, eliminate overwhelm, reduce stress & improve productivity, allowing them to create balance between their business, self care and family.

My Mission
To train and coach minimum 3000 executives, both at an individual and team level to reduce their stress and overall improve their productivity.


My Business Verticals


Design and deliver programs according to training needs of the client, constituting:
A) Customised soft skills programs
B) Leadership development


Brain based methodology:
A) For individuals constituting setting inspiring goals and helping them achieve it.
B) Team goal setting.


Psychometric assessments:
Using psychometric tools will help you understand aspects related to self, in general, at work, at your best and your challenges.
Assessment Development Centres:
In collaboration with TVRao Learning, we with a team of assessors conduct ADCs( Assessment Development Centres)


As a women growth coach would help women improve their personal performance.

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